Meridian Macro Research was launched in 2009 to meet growing demand among investment professionals for macro-focused chart research. Prior to inception, our work served as an integral part of the written commentary of one of Wall Street’s most successful macroeconomic research firms. Our core service includes the publication of comprehensive chart package updates which are sent to clients as soon as the data is released, along with commentary as we identify trends. We are also available for customized research and creation of client-specific chart packages which can be edited on an ongoing basis.


Our objective is to provide a standard for concise and thought-provoking charts which will complement any investment research flow. An absolute must for managing investments, and for marketing and internal discussions.  We can think of no other research service which provides investment professionals with unique updates of such a wide swath of economic data in such a timely manner.

The Meridian Macro Difference

Years of experience providing chart and research services for

   newly formed hedge funds up to some of the larger institutions

Our main Chart Package Distribution offers an in-depth look at the

   data, digging well beyond the surface or 'headline' numbers

* In-depth knowledge of all economic data; we establish strong idea

   generation relationships with our clients 

A fully established library of thousands of charts to choose from. If

   we don't have a particular chart the client is looking for, we will

   research and create it

We are aware that time is of the essence and pride ourselves on

   being punctual with our work

“Great service. Exactly what thoughtful investors want to see.”

    - John Brynjolfsson, Managing Director, Armored Wolf LLC

  “Meridian Macro compiles some of the best data around. We’ve 

          come to rely upon them."

    - Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter


Meridian Macro Research LLC